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Childhood: Age group 6-10 years

Muktakash: Counseling for a brighter future, for all ages, based on morality.

“Muktakash” is a leading counselling center in Lucknow, serving individuals of all age groups. This institute is dedicated to providing moral education to children, imparting them with essential facts, virtues, and values. Additionally, it offers guidance to youth regarding their careers and pathways to success while alleviating the worries, pains, and tensions of the elderly. In essence, Muktakash serves as a beacon of hope for humankind, fostering success, contentment, and a blissful life through the infusion of knowledge and moral values.

Founder & Chief Consultant Sri Mukteshwar Ji

Muktakash is a professional counseling institute led by Shri. Mukteshwar Ji, a renowned thinker, educator, and counselor. Mukteshwar Ji has written extensively on counseling and related topics, and his work has been published in books, articles, short reports, magazines, and journals.

He is known for doing many different things and being involved in lots of social and personal development projects. He works on programs that help people become better individuals and teaches them about important values like being a good person and doing what’s right. He has also done some really great projects, events, and written materials in these areas. His role in starting the Muktakash Institute is huge and something people will always remember.

"In a Gentle Way, You Can Shake the World" - Mahatma Gandhi


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