ABOUT muktakash


Since the beginning of its existence, human beings have taken initiatives and made great progress in every possible sphere to make their lives easier and happier: With the passing of time human beings got successive changes in Their mind, strength and life style. We have taken leap forward in Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences. We have also created and Studied scriptures which give guidelines for leading an ideal life. This has Resulted in the present human beings became totally different to their early Ancestors.

Now a question arises as to why have we done all these things. The answer to this question is very simple. Everyone wants to be happy in his life. But are We happy today? No. In spite of great development in all fields of human life Mankind is today suffering from more pains, tensions, conflicts and doubts in his personal and social fronts. The reason is very simple. He is going against the natural laws of life. He is born with two sides in his personality: First one is Physical and Second one Spiritual. In course of time, he has chased his physical and material goal to make his life happy and has ignored His moral and spiritual growth which is more important of the two. Sometimes he becomes a machine and many times he leave moral values in the blind race for big and immediate success. In this way his balance of life is disturbed forever. Unless or until mind of human being is trained to strike the balance between physical and spiritual growth, situations can't be improved.  The sole motto of our institute 'muktakash' is to make human being free from tensions, frustration and inner pains. We have conceived and

Developed an art of living by applying knowledge and moral values. Moral Values are personality traits, guiding people to make decisions and Judgments according to their own sense of what is right and wrong based on collective and individual experience. We want to create an environment for the success, satisfaction, joy and bliss around the Person. Bliss can be described as a feeling of indescribable joy and peace. In fact Bliss is a state of being. In the state of bliss everything is loved, every moment of life is precious and every moment of love is bliss. We enrich our members with such qualities and temperaments so that they themselves can make such an environment around them.

'Muktakash' is not denying the established contrasts such as joy-worries, Success - failure, etc., but it present the human community with a new Way of life which can make life of each and every one meaningful. Here Meaningful means the feelings of Positivity, Love, Respect, Optimism, Fearlessness, Success, Satisfaction, Pleasure etc. We can not totally end The Pains, Worries, failures etc. from human life, but undoubtedly we can minimize the effect of these to their lowest level.

The object of life will be of yours, the capacity and efforts also will be of yours. We merely will be catalyist, and will provide a stage. We want you to fly in the sky, enjoy the beauty and diversity of Nature and above all Feel fragrance, music and attraction in life.

Life is like a riding bycle, to keep your balance, You must keep moving
-Albert Einstein


  1. Create and Nurture Positivity, and Eliminate Negativity.
  2. Be Purusharthi and Entrepreneurial.
  3. Enjoy the beauty and contribution of Nature.
  4. Sustainable Development through Sustainable changes.
  5. High thinking and High living.
  6. Be yourself, be our own guide.
  7. Discovering Happiness and Satisfaction.
  8. Spirit of self-Respect and Self-Confidence.
  9. Excellent way of life.
  10. Live to the fullest.

In order to inculcate moral and spiritual values a mind has to be properly trained by experts in the respective fields to realign discordant values and strike a balance to achieve happiness and contentment. The main objective of this institute is to meet the challenge and provide a conductive platform to the aspirants to inculcate moral and spiritual values i9n them through knowledge and proper training.

“If you want to be happy, Be”
-Leo Tolstoy.


ABOUT muktakash

muktakash” is a institute for human beings of all age group. It enriches the children with facts, virtues and values, it guides and directs the youth about their career and success, and it eliminates the worries, pains and tensions of elders. In fact it serves human kind by ensuring them success, contentment and blissful life through knowledge and moral values.
We identify the aptitude of children and teenagers, so that we can guide and advise them, and they can proceed in the direction which suits to them. We provide career counselling for every particular profession. Our counselling periphery is not limited only to different Academic careers, but also expanded to social grievances in human life.

We solve and remove doubts in persons regarding any sphere of knowledge and practice with the help of authentic facts/arguments/logical analysis.
The sole objective of “muktakash” is to equip our members with positive traits of personality such as optimism, courage, fearlessness, politeness, tolerance, empathy etc., which will ultimately bring satisfaction, peace and happiness in their life. It will also raise the human index of country causing the upliftment in standard of Indian Society.



  • Create and Nurture Positivity, and Eliminate Negativity.
  • Be Purusharthi and Entrepreneurial.
  • Enjoy the beauty and contribution of Nature.
  • Sustainable Development through Sustainable changes.
  • High thinking and High living.
  • Be yourself, be our own guide.
  • Discovering Happiness and Satisfaction.
  • Spirit of self-Respect and Self-Confidence.
  • Excellent way of life.
  • Live to the fullest.


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  • Children for making their roots in moral values.
  • Teenagers and Youth for better career, success And positivity
  • Elders for happier life in addition to betterment in their materialistic and spiritual life.
  • Our Consultants/ Mentors/Preachers are highly qualified and Experienced personalities in their respective fields and public life. Founder and chief consultant of the institute Sri Mukteshwar Ji bears Multifarious personality who is visionary scholar with fundamental Thinking and approach. He has ground level experience of public life and Human behavior.

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