Moral Values for Children to Lead a Good Life


We make the mistake of teaching our children only to respect elders, but that is wrong. Everyone deserves respect, regardless of age or social standing, caste creed, community and religion. Respect is essential moral value that child must know about at young age, as it lays a critical role in their behavior. Toddlers that learn respect their peers and elders from  a young age will benefit  from this, in the future. Even when the time gets tough in the future, child will be more solicitous to others.


Family is an integral part of kid’s lives. It shapes and nurtures them into adults. Therefore, it is essential to give children a sense of family and help them understand why family is important.

Adjusting and Compromising

It is important that children know that not everyone works according to them. We have to teach them from a very young age that when it is necessary, they may have to try and adjust. The child must be taught to adapt and compromise, only if their own life is not at stake here. While adjusting sounds  great in principle, there is a thin line where it crosses over to compromise. If the child ends up on the losing end because of a compromise, it is not only detrimental, but also curbs identity.

Helping Others

The child must be taught to help others from a young age, even if it may be a complex stranger. We have to teach the child why helping others is so important and how you always get it back when you help someone. To be a functional part of society, your child must be empathetic to other’s needs.

Respecting Religion with Reason and Scientific Attitude

The child should be brought up, not just to respect his own religion, but also understand that every person has the right to choose his/ her religion. We have to teach our children, from a young age, that all humans are equal, regardless of their religion or the festivals they celebrate.


A moral compass and a sense of justice are two of the most important values that any child must have from a young age. Your children must always be encouraged to speak against injustice.


From a young age, honesty should be instilled as one of the most important values for kids. Honesty is always the best policy, and the child must be encouraged to tell the truth regardless of whatever mistakes they have committed.

Hurting Anyone

Explain the child that hurting someone is not just a physical problem but has a psychological and emotional effect also. It’s useful to teach the children to apologise if anyone is hurt.


Teach the child that theft is a wrong thing, not just legally, but also morally as well, as it means that he\ she will be taking something that belongs to someone else.

Love for Learning and Education

Education is the biggest weapon one can have, and the thing that has the most impact on where you end up in life.

Appreciation and Gratitude

 Having gratitude means willing to express your appreciation and gratitude for your possessions. Contentment is the first step. Teach your child to be grateful to what they have in life.


Sharing is being kind. A youngster must therefore understand the value of giving to those in need. Sharing is a behavior that ought to result from selflessness.


The ability to comprehend another person’s problems, issues and concerns are referred to as empathy. It is comparable to trying to walk in someone else’s shoes.


Cooperation is the act of offering assistance to others to achieve a common goal. The first step to fostering a sense of cooperation is collaboration at home. We must encourage a child to think in terms of “us” rather than “me”.


It is the ability to acknowledge another’s person’s different point of view. It helps the child see things more broadly and allows them to perceive situations differently.

-Dr Y.N. Pathak

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