Spread Love Everywhere You Go

The topic, Spreading Love Everywhere itself is a quote by Mother Theresa, which should be implemented in their lives. As human beings, we have a natural instinct to be empathetic or spread love. That love you share will brighten someone’s day. I’m taking myself as an example, sometimes I struggle to stand back when terrible things happen but, as some of my family members and dearest friends console me with their altruistic love and fondness, it aids me to stand more well-built than ever before. I know our instincts and emotions really do take over but the light will come after the darkness peaks. Once I realized it, I changed myself for the better. Now, I always try to bring happiness to the people I meet in day-to-day life by giving them love, which is free of cost. Spreading love will bring ultimate bliss to your life, you will be happier than the other person you are giving love to, which make you feel alive and will provide you with a meaningful life.

Now it’s your turn to look back on the bad and think of a way to promote change for the better. I am calling on you to at least think about how we can all improve this world in order to prevent future terrible occurrences.